#1 Mobile Phone Tracker

Track Phone Activities Remotely and in Real-time

Always know what's going on

Track Everything

Silently monitor all app, locations and user behavior of a smartphone from any web browser, the only spy app with over 50+ amazing features.

Protect Children

Did your child make it to school or home from school? Where are they now? Who are their new friends? Spy on your kids mobile phone and understand their world.

Monitor Employees

See where your employees are, what they’re doing, and what they’re saying. Spy on your business mobile phones and protect your intellectual property.

Best Social Media Monitoring Tool


Skype Chats
Tinder Messages
Line & Kik Chats

More Features

Text Messages
Calendar Entries
Calllog History
WiFi History
SIM Card
Browser History
Voice Recorder
Call Recorder
SIM Card

Live Control Remotely

Live Screen

Remotely watch device's screen if your chilren's phone turn on

Live Surround Voice

Open target phone's microphone to listen remotely

Live Cameras

Remotely activate front or rear camera in case of emergency

Live App Messing

App usage including launches, closures, and everything

Exclusive Features! Real-Time Experience!

Remote Recorders


This feature is important when you need to know when, how and by whom the target phone is used.

Phone Call Recorder

Listen and record live phone calls as they happen, for training, quality control, or even archiving your own conversations.

Surround Voice Recorder

Send commands and record phone surroundings by accessing the microphone on the target device.

Keyboard Recorder

Real-time typing synchronization, view chats entered in WhatsApp, Facebook, Line, Kik, Viber, Hangouts, Skype and so on

Gives you great control over your target phone by giving you remote control access. G

Multimedia And Documents

Photos & Images

Access and download all the photos saved both on the internal and external SD of the monitored device.


Watch videos from the monitored device and even download them to an offsite storage.


Listening recorded audios from the monitored device and even download them to an offsite storage.

Protecting your company's intellectual property on company-owned smartphones

Location Tracker

Current Location
Location Geofence
History Location

Know where your employees or kids are at all times.

Start tracking in 3 easy steps

Sign Up

Sign Up for your free online account: enter email and any password

Connect Device

Connect Your Target Device after login your online account

Start Track

Start Track Your Target Device Remotely on Your Control Panel.

Whole process takes just few minutes.

Features, specifications, and appearance subject to change without notice.


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